We called the guys over at aresarmor.com about a month ago asking about their compensator called the EFFIN A which is a tunable compensator. What attracted me to it was the ability to tune for my needs vs. buying a product that someone else has tuned for the general public.

The EFFIN A comes in clever packaging, a pill bottle with the prescription for muzzle rise written on the bottle. When you open the bottle there is an alan key, 32 set screws, 3 friction washers (Alternative to crush washers) , and instructions on installing it. The instructions are easy enough to follow for installation and tuning of the compensator.

The first question from everyone is asking how this stacks up against other compensators. The thing you need to understand here is that this is a whole new breed of compensator. I don’t think it is fair for a comparison at all, as this particular muzzle device can be tuned to perform like any compensator you could buy with a little bit of messing around with how your set screw placement.

Another thing to pay attention to during the video linked below is the actual lack of flash. Now I know this isn’t a flash hider, it is a compensator and they are two different things. We noticed a significant reduction in muzzle flash using cheap bulk ammo which tends flash like a camera. So that being said the other compensators we used that day seemed to make the flash worse and this one almost eliminated it. Just a note worthy thing to bring up.

The EFFIN A is stackable, so you can put as many as you would like on your gun. Ares Armor recommends a maximum of two stacked on one another and with the very small amount of clearance (5 mils is what I measured) here I would make sure you listen to them.

The end result was that the guns muzzle stays flat with only 4 set screws in the EFFIN A. This is capable of pushing your muzzle down and reduce felt recoil. This product does everything they claim that it will and does is much better than you could expect. If you are in the market for a compensator I would be surprised if anyone could find a problem with this product. Check them out over at www.aresarmor.com, stay safe and don’t forget to check your chambers.