So let’s start off at the most sensible place we can. I bought a Taurus. The 9mm 1911 market is not a cheap date. She wants to make you feel like a rockstar at the range but you need to pay up front. This isn’t prostitution, but with the prices on the market right now it feels like it when you start looking into 9mm 1911s.

Taurus has always had a few weak points in my eyes, but in all actuality you know what you are buying. They make a good gun for the money. With Taurus you pay a lot less and get the same thing… well after a few hundred rounds anyways. Their machining is very rough and clearly mass produced which is different from anyone else producing a similar firearm in this caliber and weapon type. Generally the rough machining causes things to fit poorly until worn down from use.

I have put about 500 rounds through this gun before writing the first impression and the first 300 were a flat-out terrible sloppy mess. This thing jammed constantly and above all else, was unreliable. Well, that was the first date. Since then we have hung out a few times and to say the least I think we can get along. After the first 300 rounds my issues have almost completely disappeared. The jams are almost non-existent and when they happen it is on the last round in the magazine and clears itself when loading a new magazine.

The trigger is competition grade with around a 4.5 – 5 pound break (from my guess, not their specs) and it is a straight shooter, and I mean this thing is accurate. I can drive tacks with this gun. It sports a bull barrel and certainly shows on your target. She is sexy, appealing and a cheap date at that. All in all this gun has been perfect after the break-in period. I will keep you posted with the full review.