Monkey and myself have some classes coming up this spring for Urban Rifle which is really sweet. Problem is, we need to be able to carry several mags during this class and my super fashionable faded jeans from TJ-maxx just isn’t going to cut it. So like every over-achiever, I decided to bypass simple AR magazine holsters and get a full on chest rig.

After much browsing, comparisons and trying to find something TOUGHER than Airsoft grade gear…you know, in case this really IS the year the world ends. As one of our followers put it “supersecrettacticalninjas” don’t really market or advertise to the general populace so it took some searching. I ended up going with BDS Tactical gear based out of Oceanside CA, made in the U.S.A. and hand-stitched and warranteed.

I chose BDS for several reasons, but Value and Made in the U.S.A. were at the top. Now let me make something clear; I am not getting deployed, I am not active or retired military, I am not law enforcement, I am a regular dude trying to buy decent gear that wont fail me during a carbine training class. Now what we found during some of our screwing around with the thing, is that it really is built Tonka Tough.

The only people that will be able to decide if this is good enough for combat are the people that HAVE been there or ARE in those environments.

Overall, this rig is double, triple and quadruple stitched in all the right places from where I can tell it needs it. The drag handle can pull me with full ammo load (over 270lbs) without even the slightest strain on the gear. The zippers are some of the biggest I have ever seen and I couldn’t get one to flex or jump off the tracks. All the MOLLE is milspec and seems to be good elastic. There are over 6 straps and buckles to adjust this rig to fit just right and it fits on all 4 of the Four Guys.

The only beef I have, and it is NOT BDS Tactical’s fault, they make this blatantly obvious, this vest is made for the USGI mags, NOT PMAGs. I only use PMAGS so I knew they would be snug and it just required some extra break in. Other than that, given I don’t know jack, I would go to war with this thing.


  • Price Point
  • Quality
  • Craftsmanship
  • One Size Fits All


  • PMAGs
  • Putting it on