Umbrella Corp AR15 Grip Review

We all have to start somewhere when it comes to building our first rifle. The AR15 is a sexy place to start. You pick out all of the pretty little gadgets, grips, stocks, rails, optics and anything else that gets you excited. You always end up with something that makes every gun owner’s bottom lip quiver.

After building my first AR-15 I dreamt about it and fantasized about the good times we were going to have together. We all do it after we finish a build, we sit in front of the TV and slam the bolt closed, dry fire it and soak up the glory of completing the first phase of our newly-found fixation. After the honeymoon period is over and you bring it to the range a few times, you start tossing the range bag around and treating her a little rough. Once you get to this point, you realize that there are many things you would change. So begins the AR15 addiction.

I have used the Umbrella Corporation Rifle Grip for more than 6 months now and it is a long-awaited and well-deserved review. This is the first part of any AR-15 that I pick out because of how flashy it is or to satisfy my inner brand whore. Let’s face it, this grip isn’t much of a looker at first. In fact, it is pretty plain and most people comment on how uncomfortable it looks when they see it on my rifle in a picture. Six months and 5,000 rounds later, I can say one thing for certain; I will never use another grip on any rifle I own.

The almost 90 degree angle on this grip promotes a lot of behavior changes when shooting with anything. Since using this grip I keep my right arm tucked in while shooting. If you take any kind of class or seek training you find it is a pretty important factor when shooting from cover. Less exposed means less others can see. When your arm is flush with your side, it could mean the difference between sustaining injury in a fire fight and going home safe. In my case, it just means I don’t look like I am trying to do the chicken dance at the range but I can still appreciate it for what it is.

The appearance isn’t much at first, lets face it, the Resident Evil fan in all of us gets excited over the logo responsible for the T-Virus outbreak and the very minor zombie subculture reference. I will never own anything in Zombie Green or buy Z-Max ammo but subtle things like this hit home with me. If you stipple your gear this is about as good as it gets as it really is a blank canvas. If you check out Umbrella Corp’s Facebook page, you will see some pretty amazing examples of just how sexy this party can get.

All in all, if you have your doubts, keep a couple of things in mind. If one product worked perfectly for everyone there would most likely only be one made. The grip industry is full of different ideas and none of them are bad or wrong but after this $30 purchase I have found one accessory that I will not replace with anything else on my current rifle or future builds. Check out Umbrella Corporation and Weapons Research Group on Facebook and their website for a little gun Pr0n along with some nice lower receivers. If you are looking for a new grip for that AR15 build waiting for completion I would recommend this to anyone, new or experienced.