Survival Straps Review

Survival Straps make some really great bracelets, and let me say, you can get these things ANYWHERE. I mean, the Chinese scam artist in the mall is even selling them. Here is the difference that we at have found.

Customer service rocks, and they ANSWER THEIR PHONES! They contribute to Wounded Warrior Project. Website is EASY to use and understand. Lots of customization…yada yada yada.

Now this isn’t an advertisement, I think the fact that between the four of us we have purchased well over a dozen of these things speaks volumes to the quality of the product, speed of their shipping and longevity of the product is (so far) nothing short of exemplary. Plus, it is FUNCTIONAL. If I need to, I unwrap my bracelet to over 20 Feet of 550lb test paracord. I can swing like a fat tarzan from lamp post to lamp post in my suburban survival dilemma with this cord (do not try at home).

With that said, you can check them out for yourself at

If you would like more information on Wounded Warrior project you can get more info at

Have fun, stay safe, remember to check your chambers.