Spartan Village Kydex Review

Spartan Village Kydex Review

Kydex is kind of a big deal lately. We know it’s been around for quite some time now, but with the availability of the materials, tutorials on YouTube and the general mentality of "Do-It-Yourself" making a comeback in America has led to a huge uptick in startup Kydex manufacturers.

From Weapon holsters, to magazine holsters and sometimes cool rigs, knife and tomahawk sheaths, hell, I have even seen a Bic lighter Kydex holster. Monkey and I needed some sweet new Kydex for our Sigs and TLR’s, so Monkey found Spartan Village and built us some quality shenanigans.

So, funny story about ordering Kydex holsters. Apparently, they are molded SPECIFICALLY to your model, and any attachments that may be on them. This causes some time and craftsmanship to actually take place, so be prepared if you want one from just about ANY reputable manufacturer to have some wait time. If you want Kydex and you want it tomorrow, you’re pretty much boned. Spartan Village was no exception to this wait time, however, their Customer Service was and is phenomenal. Since we are total noobs at ordering stuff like this they walked us through the different options, what takes place, lead times and when we could expect them. I think Monkey is going to their next company picnic he had so many internal communications with them (joking).

When we received the holsters, it was just as awesome as getting a new gun (almost). It was SUPER light by comparison to leather, it was sturdy and dare I say…immoveable in an unflinching rigidity. I have never seen or dealt with anything like this so I was instantly in awe. The craftsmanship from Spartan Village is top notch, the rivets are perfect, screws are good and tight, the level of detail in the actual Kydex is literally just shy of saying Sig Sauer they got the kydex so detailed in. Even some off the shelf Serpa type holsters have a flexibility and give to them, this thing felt like it was made of solid bone. Awesome.

Now keep in mind, it is not always perfect. The molds they use and the guns/mags you have are probably not going to be 100% perfect. Not a problem. Just a little bit of hairdryer (Heat Gun will jack things up if you are not prepared for it) and some sliding your magazine or gun in and out will immediately fix the issue. Try that with leather, where break in usually requires oils, rubbing, tying, repetitive motion and age. This holster was so rigid, my front site was gutting plastic out on every draw until I spent 5 minutes with the wife’s hairdryer and we were good to go.

Anyone looking for a great Kydex holster in many colors with lots of options available for weapons and light combos too, needs to go check out Spartan Village. Not to mention its a good looking site too! Great product, great customer service and not too bad of a waiting period. Check them out at