Revision Sawfly Review

Who thinks about eye protection? Honestly, take a second and think. Do you just slap on some glasses you got from wally world and start blasting? Did you get some “totally sweet” sunglasses that you would look awesome in while shooting a gun?

Maybe you don’t even wear or think of wearing some eye pro until you actually catch something in the eye. Like ear protection you are instantly reminded of how dumb you just were the moment you are caught without it.

The pair of EyePro’s that we got from Revision were the Sawfly High-Impact Polarized Deluxe. I am actually really happy they were the polarized versions. The glasses I normally wear for our reviews are prescription and polarized. Once you wear polarized, you kind of can never go back unless your wants are purely for fashion (you hipsters know who you are). I have worn everything from Aviators to Wraparounds to “fashionable” names and frames. When it came to shooting and Eye Protection, I always wore it in the beginning because Monkey insisted. Nowadays I buy higher quality prescription polarized and that is what I tend to use to limit the amount of things on my face. So vision-wise, my bar is set pretty high.

The Sawfly’s had a different feel to them that really made me consider changing my eyepro. For starters, they actually sat comfortably over my prescriptions. Since they have a prescription hookup for the actual lenses, I am intrigued. As far as wraparounds go, one of two things always happens to me. Either my big fat cheeks push and move the lenses up, down and around with my expressions as the lenses ride on my face and not my ears or brow, or, you have that gap between your cheeks and the lenses that is highly noticeable between light and dark and VERY noticeable when it comes to Polarized and Non-polarized. Neither was a problem on the Sawfly. They seemed to almost, float, in my vision. They weren’t noticeable and they weren’t a hinderance. They were light and stayed in place and furthermore, they did not have any particular point on my head and face that was blatantly supporting everything. They have multiple sizes for this particular model as well as adjustable arms and strap to make sure the ones you get are fit for you.

All in all, just as our last Revision Review, this is quality eye protection. Something that you would never think of until it was too late, but something you are thankful for when brass or fouling whacks you in the face. These may not be as “Cool Looking” as some other brands or even some other models in Revision line. They are however a true wraparound, anti-fog, polarized with interchangeable lenses and function flawlessly. There will be no shooting in the face in the video so let me just apologize for that right now. Do I recommend these? Only if you like seeing things and/or depth perception. Go check them out, Revision comes highly recommended by just about everyone and they are bound to have a style for you that will stop a bullet. (RevisionMilitary)