Revision Military Ballistic Rated Sunglasses Review

We all consider safety when shooting. It is a given that our own personal safety is a concern, however, there are a few things that you really don’t think about when you’re shopping for gear or shooting at the range. I have always worn the cheap safety glasses or just prescription eyewear, which I don’t need to clearly see what I am shooting at.

I picked up the Revision Military Vipertail Sunglasses and instantly noticed one thing; they feel no different than any other sunglasses I’ve picked up or worn in the $100 price range. They are extremely light-weight for starters, I couldn’t even tell I was wearing them. As far as being functional sunglasses, again, I noticed no difference compared to a pair of Oakleys or Ray-Bans when it came to functionality as well as comfort. I complained in the video that these felt tight on the sides of my head, which after doing the video review I realized was actually a good thing. They stay in place and don’t move, and on top of that they outperformed my normal setup because of this feature. They contour to the part of your head where hearing protection makes contact around your ear, making a perfect seal when you are using the two in conjunction with one another.

I recently started thinking about eye protection, having only used cheap protection in the past, and realized that if I ever had a weapon malfunction or any debris unexpectedly flew out of my gun I could lose my vision forever. The price tag for these bad Larrys is right around $60-$100 depending on where you buy them. Can you put a price on losing an eye? I know I can’t. Revision Military makes a solid product that looks and feels exactly like a pair of sunglasses should, only when something goes wrong with these on your melon you may need a few stitches, reconstructive surgery and a good pep talk; but you will eventually be right back where you started, with both eyes open.