Munitio Billet 9mm Earphones Review

Munitio Billet 9mm Earphones Review

So the folks over at Munitio were nice enough to send us a pair of their Billet 9mm Earphones. We’re having a bit of an identity crisis today because of our unexpected experience with this product and figured we would share it with you.

Let’s start here: I am no aficionado when it comes to reviewing electronics. I do however run about 5 miles a day training for ToughMudder and greatly appreciate any piece of audio equipment that does exactly what is advertises.

There are two tiers of the 9mm Earphones on Munitio’s site. The first is the Billet which is priced at $79.99. The second is their Standard Issue Titanium Earphones which are $179 with the inline microphone and $159 without the microphone.

I received the Billet earphones and the first thing I noticed when opening the box was that even the packaging clearly shows the dedication to quality.

Now onto the fit. I have burned through roughly 10 pairs of earphones in my training for the past 6 months. Some ran me well over a hundred dollars and others cost much less but there was always something that killed the deal for me. These fit in my ears perfectly and come with three different earbud sizes. The three sizes they provide with every pair seem to accommodate every set of ears here at FourGuysGuns so I can imagine that is pretty universal.

The last topic of discussion is what I’m sure everyone wants to hear… no pun intended. These things sound amazing. I have had Bose, Beats by Dre, Sennheiser, Sony, you name it I have owned it or tried it and these just aren’t in the same league. I’ll set my pride aside for a moment and tell you the first thing I wanted to test was the bass, so I fired up some dubstep and wow. I actually felt my brain vibrating. The audio distortion is non-existent on the Billet 9mm Earphones. Every detail is precise, there are no sloppy highs that hurt my ears and no bass distortion with a perfect midrange.

All in all, we tested the cheaper of the two and I am blown away at the results, can’t go wrong for a sub-hundred dollar pair of earphones. Check them out and believe me you won’t regret picking up a pair of these.

P.S. We received no compensation for this article from Munitio or their affiliates. These earbuds are legit awesome!!