Montie Gear Ultralight Review

Montie Gear Ultralight Review

We are not known for knife reviews. In this day and age it is easy to focus more on calibers, barrel lengths, whats hot and whats not from the biggest and best. However, one of the things most people nowadays know and talk about is their EDC or Every Day Carry.

With so many people carrying everything from pens, knives, spare ammo, pistols and even med kits there are many items we tend to overlook. Today we are going to look at a knife from a company we have worked with before called Montie Gear.

While I wouldn’t necessarily classify this knife as an EDC knife, it didn’t stop me and I am sure there are some out there that would do the same. In a world brimming with pocket knives like folders, automatics, assisted opening, karambits, kydex sheaths, neck knivesā€¦ I can do this for awhile. Like the personal weapons we choose there is a shape, design and carry method to suit just about everyones needs. The Montie Gear Ultralight has the ability to be worn as an EDC on the belt in a horizontal draw fashion and with their engineering and a phillips head screwdriver can be either left or right hand draw.

Montie Gear has a way about them with WaterJet technology and they really do a great job with it. The knife itself has a symmetrical design as which as stated allows for you to fashion it to the mount in whichever way suits you best. I suppose you can call it a fixed blade as it does not fold, but the way in which it is attached to the handle. The appearance of this knife is very appealing to the geek in me as it looks through and through as if it was designed by someone who not only knows how to use auto cad, has a engineering degree, but also knows what it takes to add strength and durability where it counts. The sheath and the handle appear to be cut from the same slab of aluminum and with super tight tolerances are mated precisely. Now, aluminum is not exactly the best metal for a knife blade. But in standard precision fashion Montie Gear has mated this handle and sheath design with a Chrome Vanadium Steel blade that is attached via hex screws. This is a bit different than tangs and rivets knife aficionados are used to.

Chrome Vanadium is a well known steel for knives. It is fairly strong and similar in strength to 8650 Steel. Apparently used in some of the toughest car frames ever built, the Ford Model T. But I digress. Chrome Vanadium is a hard steel that is fairly corrosion resistant, is easy to sharpen and holds a edge fairly well. You may have most commonly seen this metal in many other pocket knives like the ones grandpa whittled with or maybe you had in boy scouts. But put into the form of a fixed blade knife it is actually quite a different animal altogether.

Some of the other cool features of this blade is the use of the Tek-Lok system used to mount the blade to whatever you need. I was able to easily mount the knife sheath on several belts, backpack and range bag with ease. To keep the knife in the sheath Montie Gear uses a spring loaded retention lever conveniently located right where your thumb would naturally land on the back of the blade. This allows for one handed draw and sheath with a positive “click” letting you know it is in place. The model we tested was wrapped in 550 Paracord with some excess as well, and I think we all know at this point that paracord can really come in handy.

All in all it is a good looking knife that has clearly had some engineering and thought put into it. Ideal for saving weight, an easy to handle blade with a mounting system that can mount anywhere you have a free strap, this blade is versatile and nice to look at. At 3.7 ounces complete this lightweight is sure to be a great addition to the collection. Check this knife out on the manufacturers website.