Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

Yet another simple rest from MontieGear. Just like the last review, I can fit the Montie Gear Precision Rest in my range bag so it is always with me when I need it. It weighs in at 2.5 pounds so it does not add a large amount of unnecessary weight to my bag. The same industrial design uses lightweight aluminum and is every bit as sturdy as you would expect from their products.

We brought this precision rest out after I had stripped the copper out of the barrel on my R 700 SPS in .308. I ended up shooting 40 rounds using the precision rest on this one occasion and have used it several times as you may have seen in our other videos. Montie Gear is great at producing rests that set up easily and come apart just as easily for storage in a gear bag.

Each of the three feet have about an inch and a half of vertical adjustment. The top of the stand has about 2 inches of play for vertical adjustment of the actual rest so you can place your rifle exactly where you want it with little to no effort on the adjustments. I have used this rest on multiple occasions with my AR15 and Remington 700 Rifle, but the design is simple enough that it can be used with just about anything.

The only thing that I would love to see with this precision rest would be some sort of rubberized caps that come with it for the bottom of the feet. It seemed like I was constantly adjusting the position on the actual rest because it was slipping on the wood bench. When we reviewed the AR-Rest Lightweight it did come with a baggie and three rubberized caps to put at the bottom of the stand. Unlike the AR-Rest Lightweight the Montie Gear Precision Rest is good for any and all firearms.

I love this rest – it’s sturdy, portable, easy to use and I bring it everywhere I go with my range bag. Montie Gear makes great products that are built tough to sustain some serious abuse. If you didn’t check them out after our last review, you should definitely head on over to and see all that they have to offer.

Seems like either I didn’t look through the box hard enough or just a minor packaging error. Recieved the rubber feet for the rest and they work perfectly!