MechArmor Defense TacOps-1 Review

I wanted to hate the MechArmor Defense charging handle. It is big, it is angry looking and it has aesthetics that are not meant to really say “ooh that’s pretty” in my eyes. I just couldn’t seem to get my head wrapped around this beast of a charging handle to find highlights or benefits to share. But then a strange thing happened, I actually tried it out.

The MechArmor Defense TacOps-1 charging handle is a ballpeen hammer of an accessory that once you even hold it you know it is tough. It has a good weight and a good rigidity that many others lack in comparison. It is the appropriate dimensions it should be, but the extra girth on it is definitely noticeable. It has a few features that do stand out above other chargers I have tried, and it is made to take a pounding.

Most of the extra weight comes from the actual handle and latch portion itself. It is wider and beefier than others with an extra large latch and ambidextrous latch. The extra large latch and handle comes in handy with everything from one handed charging, double feed clearing, one handed manipulations and nailing missing cat posters to trees. The most notable of this ambi latch is how smoothly the handle feels when racking with one hand. The latch placement makes a more centerline pull which is easier on you and your receiver.

Maybe it’s just us and the amount of accessories we put on and off our guns but repeated use is something we do and we notice long-term wear on some parts faster than your average guy does. When something has less lateral stress and resistance it makes parts last longer. It’s funny because a lot of people say “it’s only a charging handle, what does it matter?” Well, the charging handle does a lot more on the AR platform than most parts. It is how you get a round in the chamber, how you clear, how you clear malfunctions or force a round out of the chamber that doesn’t want to come out. It is the equivalent of the bolt knob on a bolt action rifle and is crucial to operating an AR and keeping it operating.

This is by far one of the most hardened products I have tested. It almost feels like the TacOps-1 is supposed to be on an AR-10 and they just said hell why not, let’s put it on an AR-15. Like killing an ant with a sledgehammer, it is overkill… and I like it.If you are looking for a charging handle for your build that is bulletproof and solid look no further. If I was doing an indestructible build, this is the one. The TacOps-1 is the Thor’s hammer of charging handles and it will outlast your receiver. Mark my words. It’s even warrantied for life! No one does that unless they know it takes an act of god to destroy it.

For an absolute, no B.S., cannot fail part, I would say the MechArmor Defense TacOps-1 lives up to and exceeds spec plain and simple. Tougher than nails, Tonka tough. Enjoy the video!