Magpul A.F.G. 2 Review

Magpul A.F.G. 2 Review

So as I once upon a time outlined in my “This is My Rifle” article, the standard vertical foregrip was not for me. I had tried it, tried it forward, moved it closer to the magwell on almost every inch of my 15” quad rail. Nada. I held my rifle the way I felt most comfortable and the vertical grip was just not cooperating with that at all.

I was looking online for some other alternative whether it was just plain old handguards, or rail panels that were maybe a little beefier to… I dunno, SOMETHING. I came across Magpul and as a new to guns individual I had no idea who they were or what they made but it looked like some options were available.

They had several of the items I was looking for to add to the quad rail so off we went shopping. The one in particular that I like the most is the A.F.G. 2, which stands for Angle Forward Grip. The grip puts your hand and arm in a more “ergonomic” position on the barrel and allows to also get a similar grip to what I use on a handgun with the “thumbs forward” approach. For closer targeting I also like to wrap my thumb AROUND the top of the barrel and use my index finger to “Point” at the target for, what I feel, is a quick hand-eye coordinated way to get faster acquisition. I have no real world use for this kind of skill, I just like doing it.

The A.F.G. 2 isn’t your typical “grip” so much as a hand placement assist device. If you like a vertical grip, rock on; but if you find yourself pinning your support hand palm against the grip (similar to how you may on the magwell) with multiple fingers on the barrel as opposed to the grip, you may want to check out the A.F.G. Now it does take up 10-12 rails or real estate vs. the 4-6 a vertical grip takes up, so if you run your rifle with every tacti-cool accessory on it, then this is definitely takes a bit of a rail-estate if you are running a carbine or short rail system.

Short money, I think I paid around $12-$15 dollars for mine and it comes in simple packaging, made in the USA, and made of a seemingly indestructible polymer. Install was easy after I figured out I was a moron. Because of the simplicity of the A.F.G. and the quality of the composite they use, easiest way to get this thing on is to remove the ONE BOLT all the way, slide it on the rail, and lock that sucker down. They even pre-dab it with blue loc-tite so make sure it is where you want it. Here is a tip: Before putting the bolt back into the A.F.G., hold the rifle using it the the way that you feel is best for your stance, grip, shoulder and aim. Slide the A.F.G. forward and back on the lower rail until you find the sweet spot. Note the rail marker you are closest to and install that bolt.

I like it, Monkey and Lou are not huge fans but hey, to each his own. Overall the A.F.G. 2 is a great product, easy on the budget, sturdy and comfortable. I would buy more if I had more rifles.