Frog Lube Review, Pt.1

Let me say this, I have MANY cleaning and de-gunking sprays, lubes, lotions and pastes. Even still recommend many for different purposes. Per some of our fans and some things we have seen on the internet, we decided to give FrogLube a try. What we found so far though is very promising.

FrogLube is a metal CLP and lubricant (all-in-one) that is made of all-natural, biodegradable magic. And to make it even more fun, it’s smells like wint-o-green lifesavers. Delicious. Frog Lube promises to “embed deep into the metal’s pores” and eats away at petrol based lubricants and cleaners. Well, I tried to be a one-take tommy toughnuts and ran some video late last night on my Frog Lube V-card.

It goes on best with applied heat, if you choose not to watch the 8 minute video, buy a damn heat gun. The hairdryer is just not enough to get the receiver and larger parts warm enough fast enough. Small parts, no prob, but big parts, get a heat gun. Just be careful, you don’t need it so hot you need welding gloves to hold your parts. Spread the paste with the supplied brush and it goes on like butter that sat on the counter all night.

Have at it and feel free to use the heat to help coax it into the nooks and crannies. Wipe clean with the supplied microfiber towel and prepare to be impressed, I definitely was as you can see in a couple parts of the video.

We are going to do this in two parts, so look this week for the training video as well as the follow up to this Frog Lube video.

All in all, I like it so far, we shall see how this minty green paste with a n00b running a weapon as horrible as possible.

Stay safe, always check your chambers.

Check out FrogLube at their Site: