Frog Lube (pt.2) The Aftermath

Well, let me just say it is more than just a minty smelling paste. This stuff literally works EXACTLY as the instructions say it does. So in part 1, you watched as we heated up the metal, painted on a lavish coating of FrogLube and wiped it down. Added a few extra drops to the bolt and friction areas, and off we went to Urban Rifle Course 1.

All day long, the last thing on my mind (if at all) was how wet or dry is my gun. It wasn’t until after we had rolled around in the dirt for a bit that I started to question “should I add more lube?”. The Frog Lube was running great, everything was still slippery and you could see the fouling as well as any dirt or funk STILL suspended in the juicy parts… just floating around in the small drops. Well, since I don’t trust any lube based on my poor lube choices in the past, I added more.

Not a lot, just the same amount of drops to the bolt and friction areas I had added just two days before. Guess what, unnecessary. All I did by adding more was actually cause the gun to start showing excessive lube through the seams between the upper and the lower. Not bad, just excessive. This also helped the dirt and sand cling to my gun a little better than before too. Nothing bad happened to the weapon inside or out, in fact, the frog lube even started putting the exterior sand and dirt “into suspension”. All I had to do was wipe it off. Beautiful.

During cleanup, as you can see in the video, the Frog Lube CLP works exactly as advertised. Every piece of fouling, carbon cake and grime began to just wipe away. Every single piece of the rifle that had been heated and treated with Frog Lube just peeled or slid away with mild rubbing and wiping. Not only that, I don’t have to get in the shower for a full hazmat scrub down after weapon cleaning to get rid of the petrol smell my former methods of cleaning would produce.

To sum it all up, Frog lube is a little more time intensive than most CLP systems in the beginning, but only because of the heat gun. The time spent in preparation, like everything else, pays off tenfold in the end. It smells great, is actually kind of fun to put on, cuts down cleaning time, is a cleaner AND lube in one bottle and flat out… JUST WORKS. I still believe every cleaner does something better than another and I am not throwing anything away, but I would absolutely recommend Frog Lube to all my friends and people at the range. Frog lube…it just WORKS.

Be warned, one of our longest videos yet. I trimmed it down but tried to maintain the visuals of how good it works too. Just cut a bunch of my ramblings and boring parts.