FOSTech Outdoors Defend AR15 Bumpfire Stock Review

Time and time again I see people at the range with Bumpfire stocks blasting through ammo... no targets just shooting at the berm. Normally I see a group size equivalent to a family sedan, and wonder why people buy them. We have been dodging doing a bump fire stock review for a long time.

After getting my hands on one, I found that all of my initial concerns and reservations about them were really just skepticism and lack of experience. We were able to shoot with accuracy (Close to the accuracy of a full auto, check out the video) and reliability plus if you can’t get your hands on a true full auto it’s pretty darn close. Now watch the video because the comparrison was fair and the listed picture may not show you exactly what we did at the range. You may find the outcome suprising.

The starting point for the review is this: Bump fire stocks are not a replacement for full auto. I wouldn’t go to a class and run this stock as a replacement for full auto nor would I use it in an actual life or death situation in place of one. This is a stock that functions perfectly as a semi auto so there is no concern around changing the usability of your gun for personal protection or serious shooting. FOSTech made their DefendAR15 bump stock for an everyday range-goer who wants a full auto for target shooting and fun. If you don’t have an extra $15,000 kicking around to buy a pre-ban full auto for range time this $500 stock is a good, comparable product to plink with at the range.

After installing the DefendAR15 stock, it took me about 2 magazines to get the hang of shooting it well. If you watch the video review I have about 90 rounds through it at that point. They are easy to use and a blast at the range. If you haven’t had the opportunity to shoot full auto you need to try one of these. I still have the same @#&$ eating grin on my face after shooting a bump fire stock as I would with a full auto. It take a little finesse and a few magazines but the end result is well worth it.

The concerns I had involved the safety and accuracy of bump fire stocks in general. As far as safety is concerned, I really believe that this is a safer solution than an actual fully automatic weapon; you are constantly pulling forward on the firearm so the likelihood of the gun getting out of control just doesn’t seem like a possibility to me. The second concern – accuracy – was where I was surprised with this product. I shot a group roughly double the size of an identical AR15 in full auto. So in all actuality, the DefendAR15 is a safe solution that has comparable accuracy that I would never find to be worth the difference in price for going to the range and having some good ole fun.

The construction of the DefendAR15 is hands-down much better than the other options. It is all metal and beefy as hell. I can’t see anything being put through enough use to cause a breakdown or malfunction with it. It switches between semi auto and bump fire very easily and doesn’t limit functionality at all. The differences between the DefendAR15 stock and any standard fixed stock are very minimal, the length is identical to most and the added weight is not very noticeable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone considering a bump fire stock solution and would stick one on an extra AR if I had one. The only thing that I would mention is that the install is not something you can break down easily at the range; so if you want something that is interchangeable on a moment’s notice, just realize that the semi auto function is still intact. Check them out at FOSTech Outdoors and pick one up!