CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Review

There is a reason I am not an engineer. Several reasons actually. We don't need to get into any details just know that I tend to be an "idea man" while the smarter people actually make it happen. But close your eyes and dream with me.

I need something to hold my rifle, shotgun and/or handgun. I just installed new sights or a new optic or scope and I need this thing to whack a gnat in the ass at 300m. Whatever your particular fantasy involves, I do not need to know the details anymore than you need to know mine. However, a gnats ass is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to hit with all the possible things I do wrong from flinching to jerking or slapping a trigger, oh, and let’s not forget breath control…the list goes on. How do I get this weapon squared away to take error out of it?

I am going to need gorilla strength tightening power that doesn’t warp my stock or receiver. I am going to need something with dimensions to hold a wide variety of weights and balances. I need it to be strong enough to take any and all recoil and be locked down. To top it all off, I need adjustments. Adjustments like crazy. I need elevation, I need leveling and I need it all to stay put once I set it to maintain consistent gnat ass nailing. So, are we all fantasizing? Are we all thinking of a Nasa sponsored Gorilla on an Abrams tank? No…just me? Ok, moving on.

We got the chance to use the CTK Precision Gun Vise for over two months. We put pretty much everyone’s AR through it, we put an R700, and Savage model 16, a Kimber LPT, a Sig Sauer P226, 300 BLK, Ruger LCP, the list goes on and on. We put every weapon we could get our hands on into this vise and it did not disappoint. It quickly became our go-to zeroing stand since we generally move optics around and have to dial in sights in a short amount of time.

This Gun Vise is not light, it is not easily stow-able, and it definitely is not a drop a gun in and go system. So why did we use it so much when we have several other options and brands at our disposal? Because this thing got results. Period. Once the CTK had a weapon in it, secured in place and dialed in, it was a machine. Nothing budges, nothing moves and it all feels stable, well built and secure. Nasa Sponsored Gorilla on an Abrams.

There was some learning and some times we had to get a little creative. Almost all the times though, we made things more complicated than they had to be. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel, if something or some part doesn’t fit, move it, or reposition one of the many adjustable pieces. If you have a bipod or an extra special rail system or whatever, the Gun Vise can position that weapon just about any way you can think of. It is strong enough to hold it in place, while the foam is tactile enough to make sure nothing slips whilst cushioning the butt stock/receiver/grip or mag well.

The CTK Precision P3 is a solid piece of hardware. Heavy gauge steel, incredibly beefy welds and no screwing around adjustment parts mean this thing is going to be around for awhile. It might not come to the range all the time, but when it does it gets the job done. Rugged enough to take a pounding, accurate enough to get that gnat. You will hand it down to your kids, and they will hand it down to theirs. I am not a precision marksman by any means, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it when I get it. The CTK P3 Precision Gun Vise gives me just that luxury. If you are someone who zeroes for every season, or a bench resting range diva or even a long range paper assassin; this setup is simple, effective and sturdy. If you have the need for a benchrest for now and forever, go check them out. [CTK]