ATI Talon Tactical Shotgun Kit, Scorpion Recoil System Review

ATI sent us a Talon Tactical Shotgun Stock kit for the Mossberg 1 which is equipped with their Scorpion Recoil System. I must admit, I was skeptical at first. I don’t have a lot of experience with butt pads and cushioning materials when it comes to firearms, it’s always been a shut up and take it kind of experience.

Like a lot of gun nuts, I enjoy recoil. It’s like a nudge that says, “hey there…I am bigger than you”. Like riding a clydesdale to battle, you feel even more empowered when you can control a large caliber and operate it effectively.

With a setup like the Talon Stock kit, the proof is in the pudding, you no longer have to just “grin and bear it”, you can actually stay on target, feel less impact on your body and shoot more rounds for a longer amount of time. The recoil system is made up of a special compound of energy absorbing rubber located in the key areas of where you feel it most. Mainly the butt stock and the pistol grip as most energy is expelled rearward and upward upon pulling the trigger. This kit also comes with a fore end that is lightweight, makes solid contact to the factory slide and does not wiggle or budge at all. A pretty impressive connection method actually ensuring that there is zero play in the reloading mechanism of the shotgun.

I personally, as you can tell from the video, am not a fan of finger grooved pistol grips. Many times the hand model companies use to create these grooves never seem to feel right to me. I don’t have mutant or freakishly large or small hands, it’s mostly a personal preference thing. ATI however, has a fantastic pistol grip. The backstrap of the pistol grip has a shock absorbing softer compound than the rest of the grip which the palm of your hand is most grateful for when you send a heavy round out the barrel. The harder finger grooves assist in keeping your firing hand planted to where it needs to be to maintain your grip and accuracy shot after shot.

The butt pad is a great mix of absorption and grip. Several times in just manipulating the weapon I found it getting hung up on my loose shirt and appreciated the butt stock not moving as it easily gripped my shoulder without budging. Even after 3” Turkey load and some slugs or even lighter loads like bird shot, combined with the pistol grip and the rubber coating on the fore end, this 590 stayed locked in and tight through firing.

All in all, the Talon Tactical Shotgun Kit with the Scorpion Recoil system is an excellent value. It was an easy to install system with just the right amount of frills to not only make your shotgun more customizable, but to also to absorb some of the energy that slams you every time you fire it. There is a lot to be said about appreciating recoil, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice accuracy and shooting enjoyment to do it repeatedly. ATI takes care of that with this system and not at an extravagant cost. This system made Monkey’s Mossberg 590A1 (aka Meatstick) a LOT of fun to shoot and made me just a tad jealous.

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