You know, every now and again, you get something so simple… so genius…so helpful, that you instantly forget how much you paid. Now in the case of Armory Racks, you get that feeling and THEN, you realize, “I didn’t even pay that much!” for this brilliantly simple idea.

This, is Armory Racks Gun Rack; and it is a fantastic way to organize your safe, add an extra hand to the workbench or many other tasks you can think of applying it to.

Ebbs over at introduced us to ArmoryRacks and so we looked it up and instantly had to check them out. Just through email alone they are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I was actually taken back at how much they knew about their product, their customer base and their interest in feedback to better improve their product. If every company in industry was as eager to be better as Armory Racks, we would be in Flying Cars like they promised me back in 2nd grade.

You may have seen an idea similar to this before at gun shows and trade shows. Wooden dowels, coatracks, hot glue and zip ties. All things made to hold many many guns and still give you the butt/grip first to pull it out and hold it or use it. Armory Racks has taken this menagerie of ideas and not only made it strong, reliable and simple to use but it looks good too. Let us give you the details if you haven’t already left to check it out on their site.

Armory Racks come in 1, 2, 4 and 8 gun rack solutions. While personally I would reserve the higher capacity racks for range day and fantastic safe space usage, I am sure there are many applications others can think of. The 2 and 4 however can be used for smaller safes, or in my case, the workbench. There have been times as a gun nut that bringing just one gun to the range just isn’t going to do it. I may be in a .40, .44 Mag, 9mm and .22lr kind of mood, and when the day is done there is hell to pay on the bench. The 2 and 4 gives me more workspace while allowing solvent to dry, waiting for lube, just barrels, the possibilities are endless. Since they mount barrel down and stand vertical, space and parts are neatly contained and all together.

These things are (I think) made of steel and then Powder Coated in shiny smooth sexy-time black. Combined with the Armory Racks logo tastefully placed on one rack arm, they are solid and sturdy all while looking great. If they look too frail to you, then have a gander at the 7” barreled Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter .44 on there barely even making it flinch with 2 other guns. The arm did not bend, give or do anything more than wiggle. I am actually pretty sure they could make a 5.56 model that was bigger and longer for AR’s and not have to even increase the diameter all that much. It is a mighty little device.

Overall I am more than pleased with Armory Racks and will probably purchase many more in the near future and over time. Armory Racks make a fantastic, inexpensive product that does what it is supposed to and then some. They are prompt, courteous and are always trying to improve and we here at FourGuysGuns love and appreciate companies and products like these.

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