About FourGuysGuns

FourGuysGuns.com, started as an idea one night on a barstool. Four friends, fed up with all the runaround from trying to obtain information, reviews or firearm knowledge from the local gun shops lead to our creation. Four men, treated as if they were children because they did not come from a military or police background, did not grow up hunting or with shooting in their early years, set out to do things differently and in terms that all newbies (like us) could understand.

We bring a vast majority of experience in marketing, customer service, supportive, helpful knowledge and common courtesy to a market that seems to be at a loss for all of the above.

What started as a mere labor of love, grew into what has become a massive following, from rabid fans and our desire to provide others like us with timely, effective and informative reviews of guns and gear. What sets fourguysguns.com apart from others is our honest feedback, our down to earth approach and content and language that speaks to all the new generation of enthusiasts. We respond to as many questions as we can and we interact with our fans and supporters as much as humanly possible. But it doesn’t end there.

It is one thing to talk, type, and do videos. We wanted to do more.

Instead of just doing reviews on products and still putting you, the end-user through the same rigmarole of going to a local gun store or ordering blindly online from retailers you don’t know or trust, we decided to bring our method of doing things to the FourGuysGuns.com Store. The same four of us that you see in reviews, that answer your questions and ship your orders are now bringing you more than reviews.

This is only the beginning as we constantly are trying to change the way things are done in the existing guns and gear industry. Simple, easy to understand reviews and now a shopping experience that will grow exponentially to bring you not just reviews, but the actual products themselves. Partnering with many in the industry that share our passion and growing everyday to help bring you… More than just reviews.

Welcome to fourguysguns.com