GLOCK 42 Review

In a world of 9mm, .40 and .45 single stack conceal carry fan favorites, why the seemingly “neutered” round? For those that don’t know, the .380 is essentially a 9mm short. Same diameter as a 9mm, but a smaller cartridge (less powder, less velocity, etc.) So now, despite what all the internets and the guy behind the counter say, why do people shine the .380 in a bad light? Let’s map it out. Read more...

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In January of 2014, just in time for ShotShow, GLOCK snuck in a super slim, single stack, conceal carry pistol into a booming category with many competitors.

Is the .380 a bad round? The short answer is, no. No it is not. And the guy behind the counter, your sister’s friends, boyfriend who was a drill sergeant in SpecOps Seal team Delta was wrong.

Ear Protection is a long overdue review for us. We have tried about a dozen different models over the years between us and we can all agree on several things.

I wanted to approach this review a bit differently than other “gear” tests in regards to presentation.

In looking at replacement sights for a pistol, we are often drawn to the night sights with Tritium and TruGlo and some people prefer adjustable windage and elevation.

Meet Nic Smith. A former Police Officer, Marine and now Lead trainer at Weaponcraft in Maine.